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Quincy Lin
Founder, Creator, and Entrepreneur

Like many Amazon 3rd party Sellers, Quincy started selling on Amazon on the side while holding down a demanding full-time job. After 18 years as a hardware engineer at tech companies in Silicon Valley, Quincy decided to leave the corporate world in April of 2014 to go full-time into Amazon FBA. By March of 2015, Quincy expanded from selling to begin serving Amazon Sellers. He launched his well-known shoe sourcing service, GatedList.com. Quincy has since built multiple software tools and services to deliver additional sourcing efficiencies. Among them are QikFlips.com, a fully automated sourcing tool for Amazon to Amazon flips. Another service, Qiklists.com, provides OA leads across all non-shoe Amazon categories. QikRefunds is created to provide a hands-off experience to clients in claiming the money that Amazon owes. Quincy is passionate about business efficiency, software automation, building teams, and serving customers.